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May infinite creating be a way of life.
help people rediscover inspiration from nature.
lead people to experience focus and tranquility

in every creating moment.
enable people to be their true selves

in digital era.

The ICC#1 is officially launched on November 25, 2023, at 1:30 pm in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Yunnan Provincial Museum


The founder of Infinite Creator Con

Steve Yuan


Founder & CEO of global digital graphic art platform ArtPage
Experienced digital artist broker, curator, publisher, storyteller

and producer of Animation Movie.
Executive Vice Director of the Digital Art Committee

of  the China Film Art Direction Academy
Visiting Professor at Yunnan Arts University.


Since 2006, Mr. Steve has established leewiART, the earliest CG elite artist community in China, with more than 5,000 cooperative artists covering 30+ countries. 100+ global art solicitations, competitions and exhibitions. and CG art projects with great international influence such as ”Share One Planet“ CG Art Elite Invitational Competition have been successfully held.

After 18 years of close collaboration with global digital artists, Mr. Steve has developed a keen eye for artistic exploration, unique incubation and operational capabilities. His involvement spans various business models such as publishing, art, exhibitions, toys, film, games etc. He successfully incubated outstanding works like Rechild by Zeenchin (Malaysia), Ghost by Lin Wenjun (China), The Faramita of Galaxy by Enzhe Zhao (China), Bloody Sun by Juzhen (China), 108 Furious Warriors by Jian Su (China), Tiger Orange by Yi Liang (China),  Creation of the Original Gods by Lei Duan (China),  Into The Void by XueGuo Yang (China) and many other outstanding artworks. In 2021, Mr. Steve successfully published and globally distributed ‘PSYCHOPOMP’ ,the 30-year collection of works by the world-renowned fantasy artist Wayne Barlowe (US), In 2023, he, along with the Yunnan Provincial Museum and Yunnan Arts University, co-hosted the China and Southeast Asia Digital Art Exhibition and Summit Forum, successfully introducing the world science fiction milestone work "Expedition - Darwin's Fourth Star Planet Journey in 2358" to China.

Leveraging his years of creative insights and a commercial outlook, Mr. Steve began crafting narratives for numerous works, including “ Rechild”, “ The Faramita of galaxy ”, and “ Ghost ” starting from 2019. As the strategist and story author, Mr. Steve published the graphic novel “ The Faramita of galaxy ”, which was awarded the 32nd China Science Fiction Galaxy Award. The rights have been successfully granted to multiple sectors such as film, television, gaming, and retail, earning extensive acclaim within these industries. And in 2023, he started investing animated film as a co-producer.

XueGuo Yang


An Internationally renowned CG artist and curator;

Associate Professor and Master's Supervisor at the School of Design, Yunnan Arts University; 

Visiting Professor at the International College of the Central Academy of Fine Arts;

Executive Vice Director of the Digital Art Professional Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy;

Director of the Digital Media and Animation Art Committee of the Yunnan Artists Association;

One of the chief curators of the 2019 Beijing International CG Art Biennial;

Author of the globally popular Blur's good brush painting tool;

Judge of GGAC Global Digital Art Competition,
president of singularity Award Jury of Global Fantasy World View Concept Art Competition;
Judge of China ChinaJoy Game Maker Production Competition,
Zcool Award, OPPO Global Theme Design Competition,
Morning Star Cup China Science Fiction Competition Art Group, etc.

He is committed to the creation, research, teaching and business cooperation of CG painting, CG animation, concept design, digital media art, electronic music, national culture and other fields. Many of his works have been selected for the international authoritative CG artbooks and competitions, such as Expose, Exotique, Spectrum, Digital Painter, CG Overdrive, Biomech Art, 2D Artist, Illustration Circle, The World of Life, Music Art and so on.
Successively won Expose7 Master Award, CG Overdrive Competition Excellence Award, etc. Publishing 11 well-known works in the industry, hosting and participating in provincial and national scientific research projects. Nvidia, Tencent, Xiaomi, Wacom, OPPO, Acer, GiGa, HP, ArtPage, Fuji, BienArt, Radical Publishing, Ballistics Publishing, Rise Records, Rejectionary Art and other collaborative artists.


Our Journey So Far


​The Infinite Creator Con #1 is held on the Kunming, China

The ICC#1 is officially launched on November 25, 2023, at 1:30 pm in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Yunnan Provincial Museum.


​The Infinite Creator Con #2 will be hold at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Infinite Creator Convention #2 will Host by Kuala Lumpur Illustration Fair , Yunnan Provincial Network, Yunnan Art University, ArtPage

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