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The 2023 Infinite Creator Con - Yang Xueguo's ‘Into the Void’ !


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2023 The Infinite Creator Con

 Yang Xueguo 'Into the Void' series released


Professor Yang XueGuo's ‘Into the Void’ Series 

and the Infinite Creator Con received high praise 

from two professors in their advanced years. 

The following are selected excerpts 

from the on-site reading.

The Into the Void Series by the artist Yang XueGuo can be regarded as a brilliant fusion of science and art in contemporary times. It is awe-inspiring and admirable. Despite the challenging and winding path ahead in the integration of art and technology, I firmly believe that the infinite creators will continue to forge ahead and make even greater contributions\\
Mr. Lu Shengzhang Inaugural Dean and Professor of School of Animation Communication University of China

Technology and Art
Physicist Yang Zhenning once said,Technology and art are two sides of the same coin; one cannot exist without the other.
The classic quote from British art theorist Gombrich,The entire history of painting is the history that leads us to liberating perspectives. 
The so-called liberating perspective refers to the continually evolving forms of art, with the historical development of art forms closely following the emergence of new technologies.
Technology provides new material and technical means for art, giving rise to new forms and genres. For example, China's Four Great Inventions – papermaking, printing, and the invention of various media tools – have continuously altered the expression of painting. The advent of radio and sound waves, photosensitive materials, and film has led to the evolution from photography to cinema, from silent to sound, and from black and white to color. The development of the manufacturing industry during the Industrial Revolution, the increase in the speed of transportation from carriages to high-speed trains, airplanes, and space travel, continually expands people's aesthetic domains and appreciation habits. Modern technology explores contemporary art perspectives, from the macro exploration of the universe with telescopes to the microscopic discovery of subatomic particles with microscopes, from outer space imagery to infrared slow-motion capture, even to the trajectories of six-dimensional space-time souls.
Contemporary digital art is a new form of art born from technological advancements, and Yang Xueguo's Into the Void art form is an inevitable development in the digital age, with its future prospects incalculable. The impact of technology on art is significant, representing a consistently innovative aspect in art history.
Technological progress provides artists with more creative methods and means of expression, simultaneously changing the dissemination and appreciation of artworks. Today, artists can directly transform their creativity into works through digital media and drawing boards. Technological development makes art forms increasingly diverse and enriches the ways art is presented. It broadens the channels of artistic dissemination. Technological progress not only brings convenience to humanity but also profoundly influences art.

The Micro-Macro Permeation of Art Mythical and Infinite Creativity of Into the Void
The mythical artistic expression of Into the Void is born from the high-level collision of technology and art, science, and imagination. It transcends human originality and strives for the realm of 'micro-macro permeation' and the integration of points, lines, and surfaces. It pursues the fusion and convergence of 'Chinese studies' and 'modern humanities,' Eastern and Western, China and the world.
The subjects of cultural and philosophical discussions are precisely the academic space in which Into the Void can participate. Its flexible thinking prototype fully showcases the spiritual characteristics of human consciousness. Scholar Zheng Jieming once said: Before philosophy matured, mythology played the role of original philosophy. With its imaginative language form, it addressed the origin and nature of the universe and humanity, conveying a cultural interpretation and value system shared by society. In the old value system, mythology was fundamentally disregarded, considered irrational and absurd culture. The study of mythological philosophy is a return to the essence of mythology, recognizing that mythology originates from the deep cultural soul of humanity. It not only exists in primitive societies but also persists in modern individuals who have undergone civilization and artists who have undergone scientific purification. The cultural form of mythology has long been a part of human consciousness, deeply rooted in the collective consciousness of nations. The study of mythological philosophy can awaken people's attention to this potential spiritual system, bringing us back to the roots of life to face the problems of humanity.
The study of the mythical form of Into the Void should not only focus on the formal analysis but also expand its research perspective and open up more discussion space. Discussions in culture and philosophy are not traditional analyses of stories or literary evidence; instead, they delve into cultural systems, exploring the symbolic functions of mythology and the operating laws of background cultural development. This touches on the deep consciousness space of human psychology and the expressive space of life practice.
I hope this conference will provide us with a new perspective to reflect on our philosophical, aesthetic, and artistic views. Whether engaged in static arts such as painting, design, and photography or dynamic arts like film, drama, and dance, all practitioners can gain inspiration from examining their works and the surrounding environment. With a sense of urgency and responsibility that 'life has its limits but knowledge is boundless,' let us welcome the arrival of the new century.
Ms. Zhou Ping Professor in the Department of Fine Arts of the Beijing Film Academy

Director of the Digital Art Committee 

of the China Film Art Direction Academy 

Mr. Mu Zhifei wrote the preface 

for the Into the Void Series 

The following are selected excerpts 

from the on-site reading.

In the chaos, the distant mountain outlines faintly, and within order, those fractals that seem like flowers but not, like snow but not, form an array like dust, constantly changing and reorganizing the field of vision. Without this repetitive fission, it would be challenging to attain such a solemn and dignified beauty, and the ethereal artistic conception and spiritually tranquil meaning of the void would be lost. He is an intermediary in this digital universe, a poet who creates beauty and seeks beauty — he is the artist Yang Xueguo.
People often refer to him as Master Guo, and many young individuals studying digital art have learned and used the books and tools he has published, such as Blur. In recent years, Xueguo has primarily shifted away from traditional narrative painting, focusing his energy on the ontology of computer graphics and the exploration of experimental music. Through his research and practice in digital media, he has discovered that in the rapid development of technology, the world we inhabit has become one where experiences and coordinated dialogues are accomplished through digital technology. In the past, people presented the world they saw in their own artistic ways, with subjective human consciousness being the core of constructing the artistic world. However, contemporary digital technology is breaking down this situation and creatively reshaping it.
Xueguo's fractal art creates a space for viewers to experience the beauty of mathematics and cosmic energy, constructing a portal between the real and virtual spaces. This allows people to engage in a dialogue with a familiar yet unexplored digital realm. Here, he once again reminds people that the world they inhabit is so marvelous and vast that they need to reconsider their own position within it.

Mr. Mu Zhifei Director of the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy Professional Instructor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Film VFX Studio

Event Recap


This event, officially launched on November 25, 2023, at 1:30 pm in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Yunnan Provincial Museum, was guided by the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy and the International College of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. It was jointly hosted by the Yunnan Provincial Museum and ArtPage, with co-sponsorship from the People's Posts and Telecommunications Press Digital Arts Department, the Digital Media Arts Department of the School of Design at Yunnan Arts University, and the Animation and Digital Art Committee of the Yunnan Provincial Artists Association. Special thanks to the strong support from NVIDIA STUDIO and XENCELABS of HANVON UGEE. 

Yang Xueguo's 'Into the Void' Series 

Currently exhibited 

at the Yunnan Provincial Museum.

2023 Infinite Creator Con - 

Unveiling of Yang Xueguo's 'Into the Void' Series 

Check-in at the Event

2023 Infinite Creator Con - 

Unveiling of Yang Xueguo's 'Into the Void' Series 

Start of the Event

First, Mr. Steve Yuan, the founder of ArtPage, 

introduced the four segments of the conference: 

Part One: Preface 

Part Two: Revelation of Into the Void (Yang Xueguo) 

Part Three: Journey with the Artists (Steve Yuan) 

Part Four: Q&A Notes 

In the preface section, Mr. Steve Yuan, on behalf of three artists, read messages for Yang Xueguo's Into the Void Series and the Infinite Creator Conference. The three artists are:

Mr. Lu Shengzhang, born in 1946, the first dean and professor of the Animation School at the Communication University of China. He is an executive director of the China Animation Society, a member of the China Artists Association, a standing committee member of the Academic Committee of the China Advertising Association, and a member of the International Advertising Association. He has served as a judge for the National Excellent Advertising Works Award multiple times. In 1998, he was appointed as a judge for the Asia-Pacific Advertising Festival and the 49th Cannes International Advertising Festival, becoming the first Chinese mainland international judge. He was the overall director of the promotional film for the mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and Paralympics.

Ms. Zhou Ping, born in 1947, is a professor in the Department of Fine Arts at the Beijing Film Academy. She is a member of the China Artists Association, the China Arts and Crafts Association, and a director of the China Mural Painting Society. She served as the artistic director and stylistic designer for the animated promotional film for the mascots of the 2008 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Her 11-minute hand-drawn animation "Wall - Dedicated to Mother" won the Grand Prize of the Jury at the first China International Animation Festival and the China Animation Achievement Award.

Mr. Mu Zhifei, born in 1976, graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts with a master's degree. He currently teaches at the Film VFX Studio of the Department of Imaging Arts at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Additionally, he serves as the executive director of the China Film Art Direction Academy, the director of the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy, the secretary-general and researcher of the Printmaking Institute of the China National Academy of Arts, and an expert mentor for the National Art Fund's "Art and Technology Innovation Talent Cultivation" project. He holds various positions in committees and judging panels related to film, art, and technology.

2023 Infinite Creator Con - 

Unveiling of Yang Xueguo's 'Into the Void' Series 

The Revelation of Into the Void

In the second part, led by Professor Yang Xueguo, we are guided into a mysterious realm - "The Revelation of Into the Void." Into the Void is not just the name of a series of works; it represents an innovative method for creation for future generations. It is a journey that transcends artistic boundaries, leading us beyond conventional imagination.

"I no longer depict things by their external appearances but express them through the internal creative mechanisms of things." - Mr. Yang Said

Professor Yang XueGuo, drawing inspiration from nature, spent five years developing a four-dimensional spacetime creative methodology based on traditional two-dimensional fractal geometry principles. 

Yang explored a unique approach rooted in uncertain spatial trends and temporal trajectories by combining mathematical tools and computational capabilities. This resulted in the creation of a revolutionary cosmic art series known as ‘Into the Void'

Mr. Yang XueGuo, an Internationally renowned digital artist and curator, Associate Professor and Master's Supervisor at the School of Design, Yunnan Arts University; Director of the China Film Art Direction Academy and Executive Vice Director of the Digital Art Professional Committee of  the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy; Visiting Professor at the International College of the Central Academy of Fine Arts; Director of the Digital Media and Animation Art Committee of the Yunnan Artists Association; One of the chief curators of the 2019 Beijing International CG Art Biennial; Developer of the globally popular Blur's good brush painting tool; 

Judge for the GGAC Global Game Animation Concept Art Competition; Chairman of the Judging Panel for the Singularity Award in the Global Fantasy World Concept Art Competition; Judge for the ChinaJoy Game Man Production Competition, Zcool Award, China College Students Computer Competition; Judge for the Chinese-language Science Fiction Nebula Award, and more. 

In the last 20 days, Into the Void has garnered attention not only in the digital art field where Professor Xueguo works but has also resonated across various domains, including mathematics, physics, art, philosophy, film and television, technology, Eastern cultural principles, and the Yin and Yang philosophy. The audience spans artists, architects, game designers, science fiction authors, university presidents, yoga instructors, metaverse developers, master chefs, astrologers, and more. This widespread interest was unexpected, considering that initially, Professor Xueguo's ideas were perceived as too advanced and comprehensible only by a select few. It turns out that there is now a significant resonance among diverse groups.

The recent press conference held at the Yunnan Provincial Museum's academic lecture hall served as the most comprehensive presentation of Professor Xueguo's Into the Void project in the past five years. We recorded the entire event on-site and, with bilingual subtitles in Chinese and English, hope to enable a global audience to understand the profound significance behind Into the Void.

The Revelation of Into the Void live video

2023 Infinite Creator Con - 

Unveiling of Yang Xueguo's 'Into the Void' Series 

Journey with the Artists

In the third part, Mr. Steve Yuan, the founder of ArtPage, delivered a speech titled "Journey with the Artists," sharing his experiences and Revelation from 18 years of collaboration with global digital artists.

Mr. Steve Yuan, born in 1980, is the founder and CEO of ArtPage, a global digital art platform and content incubation institution. He is a seasoned broker, curator, publisher, storyteller, and producer in the field of digital art. He also serves as the Executive Vice Director of the Digital Art Professional Committee of the Digital Art Committee of the China Film Art Direction Academy and as a guest professor at Yunnan Arts University.

In 2006, he and his friend Mr. Ding founded China's earliest CG elite artist community, collaborating with over 5,000 artists and spanning over 30 countries. He has curated and organized over 100 global art competitions and exhibitions, including influential projects like the "World Coexistence CG Art Elite Invitation Competition" and "Hundred Painters Paint Macau."

After 18 years of close collaboration with global digital artists, Mr. Steve Yuan has developed a keen eye for artistic exploration and unique incubation and operational capabilities. His involvement spans various business models such as publishing, art, exhibitions, toys, film and television, and games. He successfully incubated outstanding works like Rechild by Zeenchin (Malaysia), Ghost by Lin Wenjun (China), The Faramita of Galaxy by Enzhe Zhao (China), Bloody Sun by Juzhen (China), 108 Furious Warriors by Jian Su (China), Tiger Orange by Yi Liang (China),  Creation of the Original Gods by Lei Duan (China),  Into The Void by XueGuo Yang (China) and many other outstanding artworks. In 2021, Mr. Steve Yuan successfully published and globally distributed the 30-year collection of works by the world-renowned fantasy artist Wayne Barlowe (US), titled "PSYCHOPOMP." In 2023, he, along with the Yunnan Provincial Museum and Yunnan Arts University, co-hosted the China and Southeast Asia Digital Art Exhibition and Summit Forum, successfully introducing the world science fiction milestone work "Expedition - Darwin's Fourth Star Planet Journey in 2358" to China.

2023 Infinite Creator Con - 

Unveiling of Yang Xueguo's 'Into the Void' Series 

Q&A Notes

In the fourth part, the on-site discussion featured perspectives from different angles, with guest speakers including Mr. Liang Fang, an artist focused on the digital ecological crisis, Ms. Meng Fei, the head of the Digital Art Branch of the People's Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House, Mr. Duan Lei, an ink and heavy-color artist, and Mr. Yang Xueguo and Mr. Steve Yuan providing their insights on Into the Void. A special "Little Note" segment was also arranged during the event. Given the diverse fields covered by the Into the Void series, including art, humanities, and science, the audience was encouraged to contemplate a question from the beginning. Questions were then submitted anonymously on little notes, creating an interactive Q&A session with the guests. The format harkened back to traditional methods: listen, ponder, carefully formulate questions, record on paper, and receive answers. This segment, which will be a regular part of the Infinite Creators Conference, is not shared externally; it is not live-streamed or recorded, and participation is limited to the on-site audience.

Finally, Mr. Steve Yuan and Mr. Yang Xueguo jointly 

launched the forward-looking brand

The Infinite Creator Con

and announced a preview for the global tour in 2024.

In the digital computational power era, the boundaries of traditional art disciplines are continuously fading away, and creators worldwide are seeking a future direction. Due to Mr. Yang Xueguo's long-term dedication to research in creative methods, from the Blur brush tool a decade ago to the current Into the Void, and Mr. Steve Yuan's continuous encouragement of creators globally to produce works from their hearts, both have paved a new path for creators. They have jointly initiated the Infinite Creator Conference, aiming to encourage creators worldwide to break free from the constraints of traditional creative disciplines, explore the innermost motivations, and embrace diverse forms of creation, including art, design, music, dance, cuisine, yoga, and more. The goal is to make infinite creating as a way of life, allowing individuals to experience tranquility and focus in every moment, rediscover inspiration from nature, and become their true selves through limitless creating!

2023-2024 TOUR:



Global Tour Plan, 

For more detailed information, 

please refer to the following:


Into the Void intro

ArtPage is a global digital art platform focusing on content incubation. After more than a decade of close collaboration with digital artists worldwide, ArtPage has developed a keen eye for artistic discovery and a unique incubation and operational system. Continuously integrating global resources in publishing, exhibitions, trendy collectibles, gaming, film, etc, ArtPage has established various collaborative models and successfully incubated numerous globally renowned projects like Rechild by Zeenchin(Malaysia), Ghost by Lin Wenjun(China),  The Faramita of galaxy by Enzhe Zhao (China), Bloody Sun by Juzhen(China), 108 Furious Warriors by JianSu (China), Tiger Orange by Yi Liang (China), Creation of the Original Gods by Lei Duan (China), Into The Void by XueGuo Yang (China) and many other outstanding artworks. 

In 2021, ArtPage successfully facilitated the global publication of 'PSYCHOPOMP,' a collection of 30 years of work by world-renowned fantasy art master WAYNE BARLOWE. In 2023, ArtPage collaborated with the Yunnan Provincial Museum and Yunnan Arts University to organize the China and Southeast Asia Digital Art Exhibition and Summit Forum. and successfully introduced the world's milestone science fiction work, 'Expedition: Being an Account in Words and Artwork of the 2358 A.D. Voyage to Darwin IV,' to China.

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