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Into the Void


The Infinite Creator Con #1

The ICC#1 is officially launched on November 25, 2023, at 1:30 pm in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Yunnan Provincial Museum




Infinite Creating is way of life

In the digital computational power era, the boundaries of traditional art disciplines are continuously fading away, and creators worldwide are seeking a future direction. Due to Mr. Steve Yuan‘s continuous encouragement of creators globally to produce works from their hearts, And Mr. Yang Xueguo’s long-term dedication to research in creative methods, from world famours brush tool ’ Blur’  a decade ago to the current revolutionary creation methodology ‘Into the Void’, and both hope to find a new path for creators in the new era.

They have jointly initiated the Infinite Creator Convention, aiming to encourage creators worldwide to break free from the constraints of traditional creative disciplines, explore the innermost motivations, and embrace diverse forms of creation, including art, design, music, dance, cuisine, yoga, and more.


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